18 Aug

ACO StudioCasts

Tabula Rasa


This StudioCast premieres at 8pm AEDT, Wednesday 18 August, 2021. Post the premiere, this video will remain available for subscribers to watch on-demand until 31 December 2021. Joy and creativity can’t be held down forever, especially when we can draw from music, art and each other to overcome hardship and start again. Estonian Arvo Pärt is one of the most performed and influential living composers and his music serves as an antidote to modern times. Written while Estonia was under Soviet-control, his ‘Tabula Rasa’ strives to break free and start afresh from a clean slate, achieving spirituality and independence. Shostakovich’s Chamber Symphony in C minor is a lament for victims of fascism and war, but also an act of self-reflection. Moving through elegy and brutal force into acceptance and farewell, it reminds us once more that creativity, art and music do prevail. PROGRAM ARVO PÄRT ‘Tabula Rasa’ SHOSTAKOVICH (arr. Barshai) Chamber Symphony in C minor, Op.110a ARTISTS Richard Tognetti – Director & Violin Satu Vänskä – Violin Australian Chamber Orchestra

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