24 Nov

ACO StudioCasts

Beethoven & Bridgetower


This StudioCast premieres at 8pm AEDT, Wednesday 24 November, 2021. Post the premiere, this video will remain available for subscribers to watch on-demand until 31 December 2021. It’s a passionate and sweepingly epic work, but there’s also drama off stage in what is arguably Beethoven’s most loved and performed violin sonata. Known as The Kreutzer for its dedication to the violinist Rudolphe Kreutzer, lost in history is its original dedication to George Bridgetower, a far more accomplished violinist of West Indian descent and something of a kindred spirit to Beethoven. Bridgetower performed with the composer at the Sonata’s premiere but they fell out spectacularly and his name was removed from the dedication. But in this corner of the world he is not forgotten. In a dramatic collaboration with Belvoir St Theatre soloist Richard Tognetti seeks to restore Bridgetower’s rightful place in history. It’s no wonder such an intensely romantic piece not only inspired a fevered Tolstoy short story, but stirred Janáček’s Kreutzer Sonata in response. From such passion, this program can’t help but positively pulsate with dramatic feeling. PROGRAM JANÁCEK (arr. Tognetti) String Quartet No.1 “Kreutzer Sonata” BEETHOVEN (arr. Tognetti) Violin Sonata in A major, Op.47 “Kreutzer” ARTISTS Richard Tognetti – Director & Violin Australian Chamber Orchestra

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